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Qualifications for Academic pricing

Kiesel Software offers Academic pricing in the form of a discount. The discount for single license is 20% but for volume licensing there is an extra discount based on the amount ordered.

Academic pricing of products is provided to the following:

  • Public and private educational institutions
  • Teachers, faculty and staff
  • Libraries and public museums
  • Non-profit associations

If you are not sure if you are qualified for Academic pricing, send an email to academic@kiesel.is

How to buy

For academic pricing of products we need to receive an Official Purchase Order from the institution. Please include an email address for further contact.

These can be faxed to: +354 587 3399

or sent by mail to:

Kiesel Software
P.O.box. 470
IS-121 Reykjavík

When we have received the purchase order and verified its origin you will get a Coupon Code, which you use in our online store to receive the academic discount.